AV City Opening: Adaptateur 6x6
by U-matic, LFT, Telematique & Errorsmith (GER)

Belgian Première
  • Combined light and video installation
  • / live AV performance
  • Future Disco Electroïd
  • Tunnel Recyclart / Huidevettersstraat
  • rue des Tanneurs -1000 Brussels
  • 21/11/2007 at 19:00
  • Switched on/off: 19:00/22:00
  • Free

About Adapteur 6x6–

LFT, u-matic and telematique present with "adaptateur 6x6", the latest version of their Disco research. For the light and video installation fluorescent tubes are arranged in a pattern, which generate a light pattern and function as a surface for a video projection. The work/installation is played like an instrument, which visualizes the music in a minimal form.

About U-matic–

Besides free video projects U-matic works as a VJ in clubs and for festivals. Reallife-footage reduced to pixels and graphic elements are the mosaic pieces for an experimental video mix. U-matic puts the focus on the temporal and spatial gaps and the use of error pictures. Together with the music and in consideration of the conditions of the room each event gets a specific visual atmosphere.

About LFT–

LFT has got a total different background. He works actually in a theatre as a light board operator and light designer. Fluorescent tubes , their precision, their cool glow when dimmed down to a minimum and the possibility to arrange them as a real existing geometric object makes them a perfect counterpart to virtual video pictures. The interest in the combination and quotation was the reason to join U-matic and Telematique for this project.

About Telematique–

Since 1998, Sven Gareis has magically captured his audience in the club and art scene of Europe with video installations and live performances. His work is mostly based on an experimental foundation. The goal of Telematique is to generate the image sceneries, which have a close relationship with the venue and its architecture, and present great live music. For this fact the artist constantly develops new work techniques and tools. The final product is elegant and surprising; a landscape of images, which match the music in a precise, abstract and beautiful way. They merge with avantgarde film material.

About Errorsmith–

Details coming soon

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