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We are proud to present the 5th edition of the Cimatics festival.
Cimatics\07AV\Festival, for live audiovisual art & vj'ing in Brussels, offers 4 days full of audiovisual performances, concerts and installations. In a strange mix of clubbing and performance, it gives an extensive overview of what’s taking place at the crossroads of music, media-art, cinema or design: live AV.
It's a Happening. Ignoring the borders of diverse disciplines, the festival combines sound and visuals, mixing art with pop into a celebration of digital culture. With its focus on live AV, the festival and each performance, can be seen as a true reconfiguration of contemporary culture. So buckle up, and see what this is all about. Read more...

Edition 2008: Call for Entries09.05.2008

The Call for Entries for the 6th Cimatics festival is now open. Cimatics\08AV\Festival takes place from 27th - 29th November 2008 in Brussels.

How to submit your project?

Mini-symposium 'Mediakunst 2.0'24.04.2008

We are proud to present the mini-symposium 'Mediakunst 2.0' with Geert Lovink and Mark Amerika focusing on the changing shape and repositioning of media-art in the age of Web 2.0. (in collaboration with Kunstensite vzw and Courtisane) More info at cimatics.com/mini-symposium

Cimatics\07AV\Festival presents: AV City14.12.2007

The Cimatics AV City program is dedicated to live AV installations in public space. These installations have one thing in common: they all need to be activated They can be seen as a series of performances throughout the city-center: from the shop-window of the Kartell Flagship Store to the tunnel next to Recyclart or the monumental Dexia-tower. Each performance investigates and underlines the relationship between public and private, between collective and individual by gathering its audience at a certain point in the space-time continuum... So please check the program: AV City

AV City is supported by the Brussels Capital Region – Minister of mobility & public works Pascal Smet, Kartell, Ville de Bruxelles/Stad Brussel & Dexia.

© Artists: Limiteazero / Architects: Philippe Samyn & Partners, M & J.M. Jaspers - J. Eyers & Partners / Lighting engineer: Barbara Hediger

Goodbye Cimatics\07AV\Festival27.11.2007

Cimatics presents a post-festival closing gig at MediaRuimte. And it looks like it is going to be party-time. So pass by next Wednesday 28th of November for the finissage of the Digital Territories exhibition + the MediaRuimte celebrating its birthday! Expect a surprising evening with the creme-de-la-creme of the international electronic art & music scene... with Synchronator / Bas van Koolwijk + Gert-Jan Prins (NL) + Blevin Blectum (US)

For more info check www.mediaruimte.be

Cimatics\07AV\Festival Day 3 Report25.11.2007

Festival after-party at Fuse !24.11.2007

This years festival edition will finish its program with some terrific performances such as the live edition of Synken by O.S.T. & Transforma, the FucKINGfucks by Kendell Geers & Patrick Coudenys and last but not least Ryoichi Kurokawa.

But the party will go on until the early hours: let's meet for the festival after-party at Fuse with visuals from Legoman, Marius Watz and Transforma. Beats provided by Deg, Pierre and Seba Lecompte.

Cimatics\07AV\Festival Day 2 Report24.11.2007

Emotions Defibrillator at AV Lounge23.11.2007

The installation of Tobias Grewenig "Emotions Defibrillator" will be presented in the AV Lounge instead of the AV City program. Everyone who interested in this hyper-individual performance experience can submit himself to the laws of Hz and Voltage at the festival meeting point: Beursschouwburg.

Cimatics\07AV\Festival Day 1 Report23.11.2007

Extra Avant-Premiere Motek22.11.2007

The performance of Motek is sold-out! But Thursday at 18.30h there will an exclusive avant-premiere of Moteks brand new performance Do you us too? v2. And there are still some (few) tickets available!

Cimatics AV City Free opening concert! Wednesday 21/1121.11.2007

On Wednesday November 21st we will switch on the AV City program with a free opening performance in the tunnel next to Recyclart (Huidevettersstraat / Rue des Tanneurs). The installation 'Adaptateur 6x6' by U-matic, Telematique and LFT (GER) will be activated with the assistance of future disco electroïd sounds from the Berlin-based Errorsmith.

We hope to see you all there. Switch on: 19:00 Switch off: 22:00

AV InterMerz18.11.2007

AV InterMerz is a screening program of short experimental video. Instead of presenting these works in the traditional cinema/theater-setting, or in a common gallery-mode (as a loop on a TV, e.g.), the program lets these works interfere in a new arena:

They will be screened as sudden interruptions in the AV Club and AV Lounge program. By this, these works are re-framed and given a new pedestal. From play till stop they will be able to target and unite a single crowd. Their sudden and very dominant presence will add to the flux of the night.

Amongst many others, AV InterMerz will present: Study in Red and Green For Ken Jacobs (2005) by Greg Kurcewicz (U.K. b.1971) He is an artist working with film, painting and other media: "What I am trying to do with this piece of work is to concentrate the viewer, to enable them to consider closely (amongst other things) their perception of the figure / ground relationships of an image, and consider the space recorded by the camera as it moves around the subject. I am also attempting to slow down the vision of the viewer, by inserting black frames and repeating sequential frames of the image of the roses against the distant background. I owe a significant debt to Ken Jacobs, whose work on this front is far more significant than mine…"

A Rough Mix (2007) by Rick Silva aka VJ Satellite (born 1977), Sao Paolo, Brazil; lives in Athens Georgia. His innovative media art has been exhibited in 5 continents including The Whitney Museum of American Art, Transmediale, Futuresonic and Sonar festivals. He's performed his works in London, Tokyo, and across the United States.

Cimatics\07AV\Festival Conference14.11.2007

With the conference on Friday 22/11 we like to draw attention to some remarkable theoretical approaches of live AV as an emergent cultural phenomenon. Thanks to the excellent partnership with Transmedia/St-Lukas Brussel we are able to present lectures of Marius Watz(NO), Thomas Zummer(US), Jasch(CH) and Randy Jones(US) in a conference called The Cinematic Experience.

In addition to this Ana Carvalho from VJ Theory will give a presentation of their experimental approach of theorising live AV. VJ Theory is a project born within iRes, the research program of the faculty of fine arts of Falmouth University College. VJ Theory is an international community actively discussing and reflecting on philosophy and theory related with Vjing and realtime interactive performance.

Poster design by Build13.11.2007


Thanks Fred!

Some attention to the festival's graphic design because we are very proud of the elaborate work of Build this year again. Thank you Michael, Nicky, Betty & Brockmann. Everyone should check his work on wearebuild.com


Cimatics Masterclass Live A/V11.11.2007


Cimatics present a Masterclass Live Audiovisual Art, within the framework of the studio-program Experimental Media-art provided by the VAF (the Flemish Audiovisual Fund).

Because the biggest merit of live A/V is its cross-border and cross-disciplinary character the masterclass will challenge its participants to do just that: collaborate.

More info at the masterclass blog

Ticketing policy09.11.2007

Due to a limited capacity for the AV Theater performances you are strongly advised to make reservations.

If you have reserved your tickets at Beursschouwburg box-office, be sure to get them before 18:00 each day. Tickets not collected by then will be made available for sale , so early visitors without reservations have a chance to buy tickets. Once the AV Theater is full and performances have started, the box office stays open for the other events at Beursschouwburg: AV Club, AV Lounge, Shop, etc.

Ticket Reservations can be made by mail or by phone to the Beursschouwburg box-office: +32 2 550 03 50

Interact! Post your comments and spread the word!08.11.2007

For those who want to spread the word or interact with what's going on at the festival, we suggest you do that at all those userdriven connections we've got in the Network section: Youtube, Myspace and Flickr! Diana, our fancy web2.0-master, will surely keep you informed and updated. Don't hesitate to link up with your personal web2.0-life.