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A belgian audio+video DVD
artist compilation
Avaible for screening

«Kill yr TV Idols»
a new av Internet radioshow

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Thursday 10th March 11pm
Brussels International Festival for Live Audio Visual Arts & Vj'ing


CIMATICS is an international platform and festival for live audiovisual art & vjing.

The festival aims to promote innovative and outstanding productions in the field of audiovisual performance, vjing and interactive installations, as well as gathering recent artistic and technical developments in order to present it to a general public.

CIMATICS presents productions that explore performance concepts and the interaction between different media formats in an innovative manner and view. It encourages the crossover of institutional, academic and sub cultural contexts as well as interdisciplinary work between art forms, media techniques and concepts.

2005 Festival

CIMATICS.05 will focus on 'context'. Audiovisuals, as prominent expression of this age, are not only influenced by different contexts of production or reception. More and more they are becoming or structuring our world through massive content-production and sublime ways of social integration. They are both using and uncovering the building blocks of the virtual perspective on this world.

CIMATICS wants to stimulate experimental explorations on this field. Therefore the festival wil invite different artists to collaborate in some well-defined projects: mobile audiovisuals, broadcasting, mass/high/sub-culture,...

Cimatics is an initiative of different belgian artistic organisations, artist collectives & curators: Les P’tits Belges vzw, Visual Kitchen vzw & Boups Radio.

Current News
SYNKEN by TRANSFORMA & O.S.T. AT VOORUIT (Ghent) October 19,2007.

Probably the most interesting production in live A/V for the year 2007 is Transforma and O.S.T.\\\'s "Synken", and we\\\'re not only saying that because it\\\'s our own product, but because it\\\'s true: Live cinema will never be more in your face than this.

Within the framework of the International Filmfestival in Ghent, Almost Cinema presents the fringe of the alternative cinema and performance art at Vooruit. On Friday October 19th, in a double bill with Semiconductor, Synken live has its Belgian premiere in the Ballroom. Afterwards, Cimatics DJ\\\'s and VJ\\\'s from The Massive Central are spinning the wheels of steel at the Cafďż˝.

Location:Kunstencentrum Vooruit vzw
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
B-9000 Gent

Visit & for more info.
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PLASTIC at THE WHITE HOTEL (Brussels) October 12, 2007.

image: Jan Robert Leegte - Selections (detail)

is an event at the White Hotel. This hotel, famous for its focus on contemporary design, gives artists the chance to push the limits of design and art in a single night event: Plastic.

Cimatics will present 3 artists from the field of live A/V. The artists — Marius Watz (NO), Scott Arford (USA) and Jan Robert Leegte (NL) — will use the wide white spaces of the hotel rooms and lobby to install their typical work in an a-typical context of interior design. The hybrid character of a hotel room, as both public and private place, has been taken as a conceptual starting point and metaphor for the interaction between public and private culture, autonomous and applied arts, performance and installation,…

By this, Cimatics tries to support a new generation of art investigating the fundamentals of audiovisual sensation and reflecting upon contemporary audiovisual culture. These artists are dealing with the structural integration of experimental audiovisual principles into our daily physical environment.

This spazialisation of audiovisual content brings a huge amount of new challenges on both the side of creation and the side of presentation or perception. It raises fundamental questions about narration, sensation, the status of audiovisual media, the relation between the \\\'virtual\\\' and the \\\'material\\\'; and requires a totally new approach of audiovisual culture.

Location: Plastic
White Hotel
Louizalaan 212
B-1050 Brussels

Exhibition from 7pm till 1am.

Powered by CANON - XEED SX series projectors
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ON SCREEN @ Trix Music Center (Antwerp) October 13, 2007

Cimatics has worked out together with Trix Music Center in Antwerp a new series of audiovisual clubnights: It\\\'s an introduction to the wondrous world of the sampling kind of VJ\\\'ing and DVJ\\\'ing.

Watch trailer

Senses Overloaded
Boemtjak & Soi
Visual Kitchen & Vanno

Visit Trix Music Centrum for more info & tickets
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DVJ night at 10 Days Off (Vooruit, Ghent)

The line-up for the Mine White Room at 10 Days Off (Vooruit, Ghent) on wednesday July 18th has been completed. Cimatics, powered by Pioneer ProDJ, presents a night full of DVJ warriors: Senses Overload, a new project by Jerboa\\\'s Teknar and DJ Lamont (DJ Bigband), with the Antwerp DVJ Combo Boemtsjak & Soi, The fucKINGFUCKS (Kendell Geers + Patrick "Front 242" Codenys), Hollywood movie mash-up remixers Addictive TV, Coldcut\\\'s little brother Exceeda and DVJ ninjas Hexstatic!

Senses Overload vs. Boemtsjak & Soi [BE, 23-00]
Addictive TV [UK, 00-02]
The fucKINGfucks [BE/ZA, 02-03]
Hexstatic [UK, 03-05]
Exceeda [UK, 05-06]
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Mark Amerika\\\'s latest book, META/DATA, has just been published by The MIT Press. It might be not that obvious that half of the book is about VJing. But it is! Mark Amerika - a true dinosaur in Net Art - is currently the Artist in Residence at the University College Falmouth with Cimatics\\\' friends His infective mental wanderings can be followed on his blog where he resides as Professor VJ.

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Altitude 1000 at Rheindesign

Altitude 1000 will be featured at RheinDesign, a five day design and architecture festival in Cologne, Germany. The complete Altitude 1000 DVD will be screened daily in the concert hall of the festival\\\'s Belgian House, next to an exhibition on product design and a series of lectures on architecture.

When: 20.06 until 24.06.2007
Where: Belgisches Haus (am Neumarkt), Belgisches Konsulat, Wirtschafts- und Handelsb�ro der Region Br�ssel
C�cilienstr. 46, 50667 Cologne, Germany
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Altitude 1000 at Hexasion

Altitude 1000 is travelling. On July 21st the fifth installment of Hexasion features two Altitude 1000 works: Bent Object & Foam\\\'s Finalcall Supercrew alongside Locker by Eavesdropper & Visual Kitchen. You can find all the details and practical info at
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Altitude 1000 at Aarhus Festival

The full DVD will be screened during the festival. Currently we have
not received any specific screening dates.

Aarhus Festival,
August 31 > September 9, 2007
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In human format at Elektra 2007

Bent Object will be performing In human format at the Elektra festival on friday 11th of May 2007 at the Usine C in Montr�al. The full festival line-up is now online at the Elektra website.

\\\'In human format\\\' is the collaboration between Bent Object\\\'s music and FoAM\\\'s visuals. Brussels-based artists Peter Van Hoesen, Susanne Bentley (Bent Object), Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney (FoAM) present an intense audiovisual language. They draw the spectator into a world where sounds and patterns shift and blend organically into each other.

Music as collage, sound as experiment. ‘In human Format’ offers a dense musical composition linked to an even more intense visual layer. FoAM stretches our visual imagination beyond the average digital landscapes. Organic textures collide with byte-based forms, linked to sounds through changing aesthetic tactics: at times evenly matched, at times side-stepping and attaching themselves to different musical events.

Buy \\\'In Human Format\\\' DVD

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VJ Theory chat sessions:Lets chat

Cimatics likes to invite you to participate on the discussion/chats VJ Theory is organizing.

For this project, six of VJ Theory contributors moderate six chats online. Each chat last one hour and has as subject a specific theme within the area of real-time interaction. There is one in the morning (10AM/London) and another one in the evening (7PM/London), from the 4th until the 6th of April. Check WorldClock for time at your geographical position.

04.04.2007: Authorship - Michael Betancourt
04.04.2007: Technology - Federico Bonelli
05.04.2007: Networks and Collaboration - Magda Tyzlik-Carver
05.04.2007: Narrative - Paul Mumford and Lara Huston
06.04.2007: Politics and Ideology - Bram Crevits
06.04.2007: Performer - Mark Amerika

You are welcome to join and contribute with your ideas to these conversations:

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Between art & pop

Without adhering to the rules of either discipline, Walter Verdin unites image and sound, explores the boundaries between art and pop culture, and brings about unexpected synergies. By virtue of his many years as an audiovisual artist, composer and performer, his work now already fuses both cult and classic. Cimatics is therefore very pleased to present the TITLE SAFE DVD box including the work of 27 visual artists, video and film makers, as well as quite a number of musicians.

With his reference to the technical video term ‘title safe area’’, Verdin creates a metaphor for conformity, one which he immediately denies and transforms into a non-conformist refuge for audiovisual artists. It is Cimatics’ essential aim to create just such a refuge: safeguarding an experimental space for the apparently fast evolving though fairly young audiovisual culture from the perspective of the relation between image and sound...

TS1 fragments
TS2 fragments
TS3 fragments

more about

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An evolving, resonating journey through splintering landscapes and mysterious characters. Abstractions and forms are reverberated in fragile soundscapes of chaotic planes and unsettling arrhythmic patterns. Is it film or an improvised VJ cut-up? Is it visualized music feeding back into images, or images generating music? Synchronized sinking as SYNKEN is Transforma and O.S.T.Â’s collective creative experience. SYNKEN pushes the limitations and restrictions of genres and steps across new ground in digital art.

With a mix of abstract images, graphic animation, digital image effects and complex film sequences, SYNKEN creates a fantastically spaced out, darkly romantic image-world. Forests filled with distorted organic forms are contrasted against an architectural abyss, as strange and fantastic characters try to make sense of their surroundings. A mysterious vagabond works as a medium between these parallel worlds, transporting artefacts that become recurring symbols in the dual system and means of communication between the creatures which inhabit them.

Produced in parallel to the images, O.S.T.‘s arrhythmic crackling electronic 5.1 surround soundtrack bathes the images in an eerily hypnotic flow. As sound and image merge and fall apart again over time, they form a synergy that opens up subtle leads which can never be read only as linear. As plot fragments refract and reoccur, SYNKEN continuously confronts the viewer with a modular narrative that can be potentially combined to create any number of interpretations. in the live performance version, Transforma and O.S.T.‘s real-time decisions will use this potential to develop further one-off versions of SYNKEN.

more about SYNKEN-

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VJ: Audio-Visual Art + VJ Culture

Published by Laurence King © 2006
Compiled by D-Fuse / 192 pages, 260x240mm
300+ colour images & exclusive DVD

The first wide-ranging guide to the global phenomenon of audio visual art + VJ culture. Featuring over 130 global contributors + an extensive hardware and software resource section. The book includes a free DVD featuring documentaries, live performances and videos form the featured artists with contributions of Cimatics. 


This book will be the first to document VJing as a global culture, providing an indepth look at the artists and cities at the forefront of this amazing audio-visual experience. Combining how-to, showcase and reference elements, it will appeal to VJs and video artists, graphic designers, students and musicians.

A/V VJING + AUDIO VISUAL ART book has been structure into five sections that feature cutting edge practitioners and address numerous areas of the VJ arena: VJ Overview, VJ Artist, A/V, VJ Resources and Index. The VJ Overview will give us a historical overview along with a current look at the global practice of VJ Culture today. The VJ Artist section will highlight 100 + artist across the globe from USA and Canada, Europe, Japan and China, Australia, Russia, Australia and New Zealand with the feature of 2 leading artist per country. The A/V section has been specifically dedicated to the discourse of contemporary VJ practice. In this section sound artist Scanner dissects the relationship between image and sound and gives us an inside look into what it takes to work with some of the leading VJ\\\'s today. VJ Resources will give in-depth visual tutorials on how to set up for a VJ performance and the tools it takes to make a dynamic and high impact experience for you and the audience. Finally, a Glossary to help everyone understand the terminology used within the VJ trade.

The book will include a DVD featuring a 30-minute documentary on VJs in Europe, live performances, VJ loops, How To Tutorials and Free Software Demos.


The book will feature an in-depth Introductory essay into the Culture of VJing by graphic designer and writer Adrian Shaughnessy . He is author of three books on ‘radical record cover design’ (the Sampler series) and is about to publish his latest book, ‘How to be a Graphic Designer, Without Losing Your Soul’. He is currently creative director of virtual design company, ‘This is Real Art’. Followed by a Historical Overview by Cimatics. This book will feature the work of many of the most recognised VJ and A/V artists across the Globe such as DJ Spooky, Flora+Fauna,UVA, C-TRL, LightSurgeons and MMM.

These will be followed by exclusive essays on Video Art by Elliott Earls, Audio by Scanner and Tour Visual by Lisa Loco. Then an informational section of visual spreads showing equipment (hardware and software) by Bunzo Ono [Beck Vj] and a ‘How To’ stage set-up (explaining how to set up equipment, utilize space, create an environment that offers a good audience experience, etc.). There will be guidelines and tips on how to do your own performance.

The authors–

D-Fuse is a group of VJs, artists +designers from varied disciplines, who work across a range of creative media from Art + Architecture, to Live A/V Performances to Mobile Media, Web, Print, TV & Film. D-Fuse work in collaboration with a wide variety of musicians, ranging from Beck to electronic artists Scanner & Leftfield, to contemporary classical Ensemble Alter Ego. In 2001 D-Fuse received a Netmage/Diesel Award for the world VJing championships. Their work has been screened internationally, including Sonar [Barcelona], onedotzero Festivals, Eyebeam [NYC], SFMOMA, Prix Ars Electronica [Linz] The Rotterdam Film Festivals, Lisbon + Valencia Bienniale + many others. D-Fuse have recently collaborated with Beck to create the groundbreaking ‘Guero’ DVD Audio/DVD Video and currently touring with Beck.

Related links–

– D-Fuse website
– Laurence King website


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Altitude 1000 DVD compilation - out now !

DVD - PAL format. Catalog # foton007. Download the infosheet.

Altitude 1000 focuses on Brussels-based artists who combine sound and image in a refreshing way: from vj\\\'s to new media hackers, performance artists to installation designers. The Altitude 1000 compilation DVD and accompanying festival in co-production with Recyclart are the first results of an exciting search through the unique, yet fragmented Brussels audiovisual landscape. Altitude 1000 takes this fragmentation as its starting point and aims to render the rare diversity of the Brussels scene visible.

Altitude 1000 is a joint project by Foton and Cimatics. Visit the Altitude 1000 website for detailed info.

All artists on this DVD compilation are available for live performances. book now

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BUY RELINE 2 DVD @ Microcinema

RELINE2 artists investigate modern mythology, examine environments, play with similes between machine and body, and explode form. Through the use of custom software, unique processing methods, and envelope- pushing applications of traditional production tools, these works push technical limits and the very boundaries of style and imagination. RELINE2 offers an insight into the current world and it\\\'s potential future as imagined through graphic re-interpretations, biotechnology, architecture, and the environment.

RELINE2 features the music of: AGF, Anon, Brian Jackson, The Knobs, Lusine ICL, Jake Mandell, Otto Von Schirach, QDepartment, seed(), Sewn, Solvent, Twerk, and Venetian Snares


The goal of the RELINE DVD series is to compile an array of work showcasing artists engaged in the creation of new visual forms deriving from experimental techniques and the re-orientation of high- end production processes. Part video archive, part work of art itself, the RELINE DVD series serves the dual goal of contextualizing and developing an emerging media form.
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Touch_urban interactive installation

copyright: Artists: LAb[au]- Architects: Philippe Samyn & Partners, M & J.M. Jaspers - J. Eyers & Partners - Lightning engineer: Barbara Hediger

live stream every day between 17:00 and 01:00
from 26 December 2006 until 15 January 2007

The project takes as a starting point Brussels’ 145 m high Dexia Tower, from which 4200 windows can be individually colour-enlightened by RGB-led bars, turning the fa�ade into an immense display.

Instead of considering this infrastructure as a flat screen (surface) displaying pre-rendered video loops, the project is working on the architectural characteristics of the tower and its urban context. The characteristics of the building; orientation, volume, scale... are used as parameters to set up a spatial, temporal and luminous concept, which moreover allows people to directly interact with the tower.

read more :

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Motion Paintings by Jeffers Egan

Still frame: "the very last time" / Medium: Motion Painting / Dimensions: variable, HDTV resolution.

CimaticsAVPlatform proposes to showcase artist Jeffers Egan\\\'s Motion Paintings during Bridge ArtFair06 Miami from December 7th till 10th.

Egan\\\'s Motion Painting works are the next generation of visual art, fusing digital technology with the raw expressiveness of abstraction. These works update painting to function and have relevance in our media saturated world; while simultaneously breaking new ground for the medium of video. "In Egan\\\'s work, video is boosted up to the next level of art evolution. Just as painting began as a medium used to represent reality and gradually diverged to abstraction, with Egan\\\'s work video emerges as an abstract art form."(ArtWeek)

Egan\\\'s Motion Paintings are hand-crafted digital animations that use plasma screens as their frame. Working with Pollock\\\'s concept of the canvas as a "place of action", and Rothko\\\'s idea of painterly plasticity, Egan\\\'s work reaches back to the formulations of abstract expressionism, refreshing the genre and literally bringing the world of painting to life. Each work is a perfectly seamless loop, removing that key element of time within the inherently time based medium of animation/video. The result is a visual world without a beginning or ending, an incursion which envelopes the viewer in the hyperreality of the sublime.

Jeffers Egan has worked for the last several years to combine the mediums of abstract painting, real-time visuals, motion graphic design, architecture and electronic music, showing his work worldwide, in galleries, clubs, film festivals, and museums. Egan\\\'s work has earned several international media art award nominations including dmotion, Popkomm, and backup festivals, and has received critical acclaim from around the globe - described as "beautiful"(New York Times), "compelling"(Digital Production) and "the most advanced trip imaginable in the current field of visuals."(De:Bug)

07.12.2006 - 10.12.2006   Bridge ArtFair  06
Catalina Hotel & Beach Club
1732 Collins Avenue | Miami Beach

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Altitude 1000 - Brussels Sonic and Visual Arts

Altitude 1000 reunites the Brussels audiovisual scene by combining and opening up the Foton and Cimatics Platform networks. Open to every kind of Brussels-linked artist who combines audio and visuals in intriguing ways, the Altitude1000 DVD compilation and Festival at Recyclart are the first fruits of this collaboration. Altitude1000 wants to reunite locally and promote internationally.

Partners: Foton, Cimatics, Recyclart.

Altitude 1000 is supported by Vlaamse Gemeenschap and the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie.

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LIFE IN LOOPS (a Megacities RMX)

Cimatics AV Platform presents “LIFE IN LOOPS” (a Megacities RMX) by Timo Novotny featuring Sofa Surfers (Austria), a new cinematic experience in the framework of ALMOST CINEMA, a program by Kunstencentrum Vooruit and 33rd International Filmfestival of Flanders. With the kind support of The Austrian Kultur Forum.

Type:  Live Cinema
Venue: Vooruit (Gent, Belgium)
Date/Time: 16/10/06 -  21:00

13/10    22u30    FilmFestival / Kinepolis 8
18/10    12u15    FilmFestival / Kinepolis 9
19/10    14u30    FilmFestival / Kinepolis 7

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Music for the eyes !

This year again the VJ line-up at the Boiler-room is compiled by Visual Kitchen and Cimatics. They promise you a non-stop flood of imagesÂ…

On Wednesday, 16th August from eight oÂ’clock till dawn the Brussels-based VJ-duo Requiem4TV will throw their moving images at the notorious PUKKELPOP campingsite night. No camping Kosmos this time !
Thursday, 17th August: theponeyexpress,
the graphic designers and video artists behind the electro-rock band Soldout will manipulate their graphics in real time. Further more Stanzacrew, coming straight from the Netherlands combine photos/ graphics/drawings in an unique graphic style. Visual groove-ridersÂ…for sure.
On Friday, 17th August, Kanter Dhaenens alias TekNar will turn the visual tables with epileptical footage. Last but not least, dark minimalistic landscapes with 25, a project of animator Gert Wastyn.
On Saturday 19th August, Legoman, VJ from the Swiss Alpes, take his inspiration from russian constructivism, experimental cinema, architecture and graffitti. He creates a complete osmosis between sound and image. And who is coming back only to afflict your retina again: Stanzacrew...IÂ’m not the DJ!

check complete festival program: Pukkelpop 2006

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[Altitude 1000]: Call for submissions

On different levels Brussels is a fragmented puzzle. The city hosts many talented audiovisual artists, but since the majority is working on small and isolated islands there is no such thing as a clearly identified Brussels\\\' scene.

However, we strongly believe that when compared to
well-known art centres such as Berlin, London, Barcelona, and others, Brussels can definitely stand the test.

To counterattack this phenomenon Cimatics and Foton are joining forces and
starting the release of a series of compilation DVDs called [Altitude1000], showcasing diverse outstanding audiovisual creations \\\'Made in Brussels\\\'.

The release of each separate DVD will be accompanied by a
festival, presenting live performances by the artists appearing on the DVD. For our first DVD we\\\'re hereby launching a call for submissions.

looking for audiovisual creations in the large sense of the term: video,vj-work, animations, documentaries, audiovisual representations or offshoots of installations, registrations of multimedia performances, experimental media art, etc.

As long as both sound and image are involved,
and as long as a DVD is a valid support, the sky is the limit. We don\\\'t want to stick to traditional labels and categories, since we believe this might be one of the reasons why the audiovisual, experimental and multimedia community in Brussels is less unified, and therefore less visible, than it could or should be.

Your proposals can consist of new or already existing work. Although we
don\\\'t want to introduce it as a constraint it would be nice if your submission is linked in one way or another to the theme of (urban) fragmentation/cohesion.

The only real constraints involved are:
1) content: your work should be audiovisual

2) origin: you as an artist should be residing in
3) length: your material should be running less than 15 minutes

4) deadline: your material should reach us before the end of june 2006.

Please send your proposals to:

Foton/Cimatics - [Altitude 1000]
c/o Hans De Man

Troonstraat 187
1050 Brussels 

For more info: hans(at) - 02/411.31.19 -

Thanks a lot for reading, and don\\\'t hesitate to forward this call to
anyone you think might be interested in our project.

Peace,the Foton/Cimatics team

This project is not part of the Cimatics festival !

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SLITHER @ Rencontres Audiovisuelles 07.04.06 (Lille,F)

Additionnal to our Carte Blanche at Rencontres Audiovisuelles - International Short Film Festival in Lille (Maison Folie de Wazemmes) we will present Slither DVD. This is the latest collaborative project from Jeffers Egan and Jake Mandell, a 41 minute, 5 track DVD featuring Egan\\\'s signature otherworldly visuals and a breathtaking 5.1 surround sound mix from Mandell. Slither intertwines the worlds of abstract painting and electronic music, creating an advanced, dynamic relationship between the audio and visuals. The result is a hyperreal fluidity that casts the viewer directly into the time-shifting, sense-warping abyss of the sublime.

Slither has had tremendous international success, earning POPKOMM, d-motion, and backup festival award nominations. Slither has also appeared in several prominant media art/film/music festivals including VISION, transmediale, New York Video Festival, AMODA, and NEMO.

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Ryoichi Kurokawa 10.02 - 19.02.2006 (Brussels, B)

Ryoichi Kurokawa, who\\\'s films were screened at Cimatics\\\'04 and \\\'05, is coming to Brussels! The city of Ixelles/Elsene gave Cimatics the opportunity to co-organise with Greatshare this concert of one of the most exciting AV artists nowadays. Support: Eavesdropper & Visual Kitchen After Party: Vanno (Foton, DJ) + Time Sculpture: AUDIO VISUAL EXHIBITION by Ryoichi Kurokawa Address:Chapelle de Boondael / Boondael Kapel Square du Vieux-Tilleul 10 Oude Linde Square - 1050 Brussels
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Cimatics presents The Massive Central @ Artefact (Leuven, B)

Cimatics is presenting The Massive Central collective at the STUK cafďż˝ during Artefact Festival 13.02 - 18.02.2006 The Massive Central is a DJ and VJ collective, given birth by Eavesdropper and Visual Kitchen. Diversity is key as well for sound as for image, and through relentless engagement of other aural and visual crews cooperating on a free base, we offer the right combination of people for every setting and mood. Destructive beats, minimal textures, technoid mutations, the correct amount of noise and everything in between accompanied by tasty pixel mash-ups and cinematic Wanderlust are the core elements for The Massive Central. In other words, a crazy bunch of eye- and ear doctors waiting for you when you like it different.

Check the Artefact website artefact 2006 for the complete program: it\\\'s massive! Address: Stuk kunstencentrum - Naamsestraat 96 - 3000 Leuven
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Happy 2006 !

From all of the staff working on the Cimatics festival and platform we would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and a joyous and Happy New Year. picture by Transforma.
[2005-12-23] posted by

Thank you

We would like to thanks all the invited artists of this years festival edition, the public who supported us once again and our partners.

We will keep you posted about future events and cimatics.06 call for entries.
[2005-11-15] posted by

MR.wav - MediaRuimte look and listen to .wav performances

Friday 04.11.05 - 21:00 @ Mediaruimte free

MR.wavÂ’s evenings are dedicated to electronic music-concerts, where the invited musicians are staged for their particular approach of electronic music composition, sophisticated interface-implication, and or innovating sonic identity.

Akuvido -
Kotra -
Zavoloka -
[2005-11-04] posted by

Fire destroys the Cimatics Video Club at MAP

We\\\'ve had a major catastrophe after the Video Club evening. After all the punters went home and we had about finished cleaning most of the trash, a stockroom at the venue, MAP- Matrix Art Project, caught fire. Fortunately the fire brigade was on the premises quickly and prevented the fire to spread and no one got hurt. Unfortunately the smoke has ruined all the audio and video material that was still in there.

This is of course a major financial disaster for the festival as well as for Billy, who runs MAP. All associated organizations will call out for help these coming days in order to create a fund to restore the venue. In the meanwhile we hope the insurance will cover most of the costs but there are always things that insurances don t cover, like the fact that Jan Van Den Brande (VDB), who had provided all the sound equipment, now has to rent gear in order to keep providing the services he is already committed to.

The festival will keep on going, so don t hesitate to come to Mediaruimte on Friday or to check out all the installations in Brussels.

we ll keep you posted on further developments
[2005-11-02] posted by

Mediaruimte - Proce55ing-exhibition 31.10 - 04.11.05

<a href=proce55ing> is a Proce55ing-expo at MediaRuimte extending the exhibition-space into the street, where its surrounding vitrines will be populated with screenings transforming the city into a digital tag-venue. MediaRuimte links up the different artists with a lounge-exhibition giving an overview of the current tendencies in digital audiovisualisation using the Proce55ing-tools.

Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and sound. It is created to teach fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context and to serve as a software sketchbook and professional production tool.

Processing is developed by artists and designers as an alternative to commercial software tools in the same domain. Processing is an open project initiated by Ben Fry and Casey Reas evolved from ideas explored in the Aesthetics and Computation Group at the MIT Media Lab.

<a href=proce55ing> is an exhibition curated by MediaRuimte

Participating galleries at Lakensestraat: check website!

Invited Artists:
Andreas Gysin [ ch ]
Dextro [ at ]
Dimitre Lima [ br ]
Elout de Kok [ nl ]
Golan levin [ usa ]
Marius Watz [ no ]
Meta [ usa ]

@ Mediaruimte Laekensestraat 104 Rue de Laeken - 1000 Brussels - free
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Cinema Nova - PERFORMANCES & SCREENINGS - 27.10 - 30.11.05

Cimatics.05 presents from live audiovisual performances and screenings at Cinema Nova with internationally renowned artists like SND, Scott Pagano & Christopher Willits, Richard Chartier & Ivan Pavlov (Chessmachine), Timo Novotny feat. Markus Kienzl & Wolfgang Frisch -Sofa Surfers- (LIFE IN LOOPS a Megacities RMX), D-fuse, Ryoichi Kurokawa,.... Furthermore a special focus on the early Video-experiments of Steina and Woody Vasulka and an exhibition with the Motion Paintings from Jeffers Egan are organised at Cinema Nova.
[2005-10-27] posted by

Cimatics Festival 2005 opening night !

We invite you for the opening night of CIMATICS.05 To kick off with splendor, Cimatics presents an interactive audiovisual installation conceived by LAb[au]:


LAb[au] [architecture and urbanism] is Brussels-based, but internationally recognized for it\\\'s achievements in the field of architecture and design. It\\\'s main focus is to investigate the possibilities and consequences of ICT in architecture. In that respect it is also dealing with the (re)presentation or (re)structuring of the digital \\\"space\\\" itself: architecture in ICT. Live audiovisual performances and interactive installations are essential in LAb[au]\\\'s experimental approach of research.
Cimatics has invited LAb[au] because these experiments with the temporal-spatial representation of the digital, are providing us with unseen insights in the audiovisual structure.


\\\"Point Line Surface computed in seconds\\\" is an interactive installation that immerses the user in an audiovisual space. On a touch-screen the user creates a sonic and visual composition spatialised through quadraphonic sound and (a 10x10m) floor projection which can be animated through finger-movement. Referential to MondrianÂ’s Boogie Woogie which draws a relation between the rhythmic structure of a jazz-piece, the composition of graphic elements on canvas and the urban grid of New York, the project Point Line Surface prolonges these relationships to an interactive vocabulary inside the urban and electronic space.

The installation can be visited from 25.10 till 05.11 (17:00 - 00:00h)


Date: Tuesday October 25, 2005 at 17:00
Location: Place Sint Katelijneplein - 1000 Brussels (public space)
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Hey hey hey!

Finally online with this years program.

First of all we want to apologize for the long time it took to get this online. On the whole it hasn t been easy getting this year\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s festival on the road, but we will stop nagging about all the troubles we have had over the last few months and look forward to a festival that will hopefully redefine the term shock and awe!

A quick note on the selection: It took a lot of time to make a selection from all the entries we have received: Entries, ranging from barking mad or completely useless propositions to extremely professional ones who were unfortunately too big and expensive for us. Of course, every project has its merits but unfortunately we had to choose what we thought best, keeping in mind a very strict budget as well. This means we have probably disappointed a lot of people, but hey, it was our job, so we are bound to hurt someone s feelings along that process. For all those that weren t selected and think they are better than some of the selected ones anyway: you have probably ended up in the keep in mind or watch closely-bin. In any case, the Cimatics platform is expanding and we hope to be able to put more than just one festival per year, so don t hesitate to keep sending new projects that might be of interest to us.

So we would like to invite you to browse the program and discover those nice artists we are presenting. Thanks for reading, looking and showing up!

participants update next the meanwhile download the program.
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7000W / Transforma @ Nuit Blanche 2005 - Brussels - Sat. 01.10.05

Cimatics.05, the Brussels International Festival for Audiovisual Live Performance and VJÂ’ing thus kicks off with a sattelite event that allows the public a glimpse of whatÂ’s to come. Although organising the festival proves to be a hard nut to crack for its third edition, the festival will keep up the high standards of screenings, performances and DJ/VJ sets. Some of the highlights for this years edition include SND (Raster Noton), Chessmachine (aka Richard Chartier and Ivan Pavlov), Christopher Willits & Scott Pagano (Reline), D-Fuse (creators of BeckÂ’s Guero DVD),...

Within the framework of ‘Nuit Blanche 2005 Brussels‘ the Berlin based video group Transforma (Shitkatapult, CTM, Apparat) will de- and reconstruct the building that hosts some of the highly acclaimed creative and innovative organisations in the Belgian capital with some astonishing big format slide projections. The 30 by 20 meter projection will transform the buildings fa�ade into a layered canvas with an overwhelming game of depth and color.

Transforma started in 2001, since then they have been exploring interferences between music and image. Transforma are now working in the context of vjing, music videos and live cinema.

Their visual language combines early cinema approaches with current computer based filmmaking techniques, to create fragmented visions and micro stories, which invite the viewer into a world with its own internal logic.

The Cimatics Festival invited the german trio again because of their outstanding productions in the field of audiovisual and graphic design. The Transforma/Taktik performance was one of the highlights of last years Festival edition and as a result Transforma and Visual Kitchen, one of the co-organisers of the Cimatics Festival, are currently working on the production of a 50min. feature film to be released in 2006.

The Cimatics festival takes place from october 26th to november 6th at various locations in Brussels. More details concerning the full festival program and exact time schedules will be provided soon.

7000W @ Nuit Blanche 2005
When: Saturday 01.10.2005 - 24:00-06:00
Where: Projected Building - Koolmijnenkaai 30/34 - Brussels 1080
(MAP, O.K.N.O., Foton, FoAM, Ultima Vez, Czar, CCCP...)

7000W is supported by:
- Stad Brussel/Ville de Bruxelles
- ADC Productions
- Cimatics

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VJ\\\'s @ Le Gazon/Brussels, AUGUST 26-27, 2005

Le Gazon is an open air DJ bar and takes place at Le Parc de Bruxelles (commonly called Parc Royal), Brussels. Access by Rue Royale from the side of Palais Royal - free entrance.

Visuals by: Requiem4TV (BE), V.ATAK (FR) and Vision Nocturne (FR).

Check full program: Le Gazon
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RUGA screening @ Le Gazon/Brussels, August 27, 2005

postponed to a later date due to UPS efficienty !!

RUGA© is a new DVD magazine from the creators of ROJO distributed internationally aiming to show unreleased audiovisual works by the most amazing artists worldwide.

Dagens Bilaga the first RUGA© release containing new audiovisual artworks by D-fuse, Transforma, Qian Qian, Actop, 310k, Bowling Club?, Via Grafik and many more will be presented in the kiosk of Parc Royal at Le Gazon this Saturday.

more: Le Gazon / RUGA©
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Visuals @ Pukkelpop, August 18-20,2005

This weekend there will be no visuals at Le Gazon. We are programming the visuals in the Boilerroom at see you there!

Visuals by: Stanzacrew (NL), OB\\\"srv (BE), Requiem4TV (BE), 310K (NL), Monodot (BE), Multiply (BE), bolwerK (BE), T?l?si?ge - Harrisson+Pierre Huyghebaert (BE),...

check full program: Pukkelpop 05
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Cimatics.05 - dates confirmed

Finally we fixed the definitive dates of Cimatics 3th edition. The festival will be held from October 27 untill November 06, 2005. Book already your flights !
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Call for entries closed

The call for entries for CIMATICS.05 has been closed as of June 30th. We\\\'ve received over 400 entries and there\\\'s still packages arriving as we speak. It\\\'s great to see that postal services are so efficient: we\\\'re still receiving packages postmarked before the 30th of June and we\\\'re already two weeks later! All entries submitted correctly will receive a receipt confirming the reception in a few weeks.

The cimatics programmation committee will start viewing the entries in a few days and we\\\'re planning on revealing the program by mid september.

Keep up all the good work and let\\\'s hope we\\\'ll be in touch with you soon...

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Ateliers NumEriques d\\\'iMal @ Centre Dansaert/Brussels, July/August 2005

There are still a few places left for these summer workshops (trainings) organized by iMal approaching techniques and expresions more and more used in visual arts, performing arts, interactive installations, digital art (including: realtime video, mouvement captures, realtime 3D, art of coding, MAX/MSP/Jitter, softVNS, processing, openGL, SPIP , PHP/MySQL)

register now / iMal
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In response to many requests for an extension, we are pleased to extend
the entry deadline for the upcoming CIMATICS Festival to June 30, 2005 (postmarked). So it is not too late to enter!
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FotonLab 1.0 @ Argos /Brussels, June 27 - July 1.2005 Realtime sound, video, 3D multi-screen processing workshop

Musicians, VJ\\\'s and 3D-animators, pay attention. Fotonlab is a series of workshops focusing on new, technologically advanced audiovisual interfaces.

more info & how to participate: FotonLab 1.0
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Paysages Electroniques @ Lille/France, 11-13 JUNE 2005

The \\\"Paysages Electroniques\\\" festival (Lille/France) invited Cimatics to present \\\"Moving Motions\\\" a screening program of short works from belgian audiovisual artists.

more: screening of RUGA? DVD magazine and \\\"LOCKER 03\\\" an audiovisual installation of Visual Kitchen & Eavesdropper...

day program / complete festival program
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WOMEN & AIRPLANES by Walter Verdin @ MATRIX ART PROJECT # 27-28-29 MAY & 3-4-5 JUNE 2005 / Brussels

This year vzw Corban presents in collaboration with MAP in the framework of Vertigo Tracks. A media installation by Walter Verdin of 1987, restored in 2005, with video and sounds, slides and music.

Women & Airplanes is a meditative installation around the most serious airplane crashes arising since Walter Verdin\\\'s birth to the creation of l\\\'oeuvre in 1987 (114 in total).

MAP (Matrix Art Project) - Koolmijnenkaai 30 Quai des Charbonnages -1080 Brussels

More info:
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DORKBOT.FESTIVAL (Gent) May 20.- 21,2005

The dorks are back in town! So join them for a two-day bang that will be worth your buck (forget it\\\'s free) to celebrate the end of dorkbot as we know it. Friday and Saturday May 20th and 21st will find us at our usual hang-out for a 48 hours marathon of miracles...(talks, performances & installations)

more info & program: here
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Moving Motions @ Brakke Grond (Amsterdam) May 12, 2005

Dorkbot Gent invited cimatics to present \\\"Moving Motions\\\" a screening program of short works from belgian audiovisual artists in the framework of Victorian Circus @ Brakke Grond (including works of Walter Verdin, Graphreak, Anouk De Clercq, Visual Kitchen, Karen Vanderborght, Antonin De Bemels, bolwerK, nMn, Boutique Vizique, Genoflex, Prokium, Ewo,Autofasurer, Nathalie,...)

more info: Victorian Circus / Dorkbot

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CIMATICS.05 is focussing on context. Audiovisuals give us the most important perspective on the contemporary, global society. If culture is an interface to the world, than this is for the greater part audiovisual. Audiovisuals don\\\'t only seem to represent our environment. They are our environment. That\\\'s why these media, and especially an experimental or critical approach to them, are so crucial.

We do welcome your proposals. Download entry form here.


[2005-03-04] posted by nico

Submission guidelines CIMATICS.05 postponed till 4th March (announced 28th February)

We've got some delay these last days but nothing to worry about...From 4th of March you will be able to download the festival entry form via our website. Please don't send us any material without the official entry form enclosed ! Be patient a few more days...Thank you.

[2005-02-28] posted by nico

Flipstaal: interactive installation by bolwerK

Interactive Installation in the framework of Cimatics.04

pictures day by day | making of | more info

[2005-02-09] posted by nico

Curated program in the framework of Artefact Festival @ Stuk (Leuven - Belgium) Feb 14 - 15, 2005

the artefact festival for new media invited cimatics to curate a program of short works and audiovisual performances from belgian audiovisual artists (Walter Verdin, Graphreak, Anouk De Clercq, Visual Kitchen, Karen Vanderborght, Antonin De Bemels, bolwerK, nMn, Boutique Vizique, Genoflex, Prokium+Ucture, Ewo+Syncotronic) more info: /
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Call for submissions: CIMATICS.05 (open from 15th February)

Please subscribe to be informed of the next CIMATICS.05 (October/November 2005) call for submissions. Following categories are eligible: live audiovisual performance, video/dance performance, dj/vj (clubvisuals), interactive installation, screening (experimental music videos, visual music DVD productions, documentaries about VJ culture,...), workshop: software/hardware, collaboration/talks and other.

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News Archives
Festival 2004 report

Soon online a complete festival report with movies, interviews, pictures & comments
[2004-11-04] posted by nico

Thank you

We would like to thanks all the invited artists of this years edition and also the public who supported us once again. See you next year...
[2004-10-29] posted by nico

Wednesday 27/10 - Beursschouwburg

CONSUMER GOODS panel discussion 15:00>18:00 FREE
A presentation and discussion forum about some remarquable dvd-editions and editors w/ Phoenix Perry Reline (USA), Claire Cook onedotzero (UK), Eric Dalbin Dalbin label for visual music (FR), Timo Novotny (AUT) & Graham Daniels & Fran?oise Lamy Addictive TV (FR)

GRAPHIC ACTIVITIES screening/performances 20:00 >23:00 8/7euro
Two live performances (world premiere) with interactivity in sound and image,in human and machine, in performer and audience as the keywords. w/ Semiconductors Sonic inc. from Semiconductor (UK), MidiTRUTH from bolwerk + Seiko (BE) + screening of Graphic Cities(onedotzero, UK)

FOtones 22:00 FREE
video: fOam //audio: Object&Susanne Bentley, G?ographique, Lowdjo, Audioclast & Antz
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Jeffers Egan/jake Mandell cancelled.

We're sorry to inform you the jeffers egan/jake mandell is cancelled. Jeffers had to rush over back to the states because of a family matter. We hope to fill in the gap with a worthy replacement. Keep checking for updates or check the info system at beursschouwburg.

We hope we can still bring them over on an other point in time.

[2004-10-28] posted by sam

Tuesday 26/10 Recyclart - soft- & hardware presentation + live demo - 17:00-19:00 - FREE

*Pioneer DJV-X1 + live demo by Exceeda (UK)
The launch of the Pioneer DVJ-X1 brings the future of DJing and audio-visual entertainment here today.Come and check this baby out!

*Edirol V-4 & Resolume 2.0 + live demo by Zelabo + Kaneda (FR)

The V-4, a young but already wellendowed videomixer, specially designed for vjs.

Resolume is a pc-based software for live video performances. Completely build to quickly improvise your videos to the music. Resolume is the fruit of years of research of which the creators come and testify...
[2004-10-26] posted by nico

Program update

just some small changes that might be of value for you?

In the Media Art session at Recyclart [26/10-20:30] Walter Verdin has cancelled his appearance. snif snif, too bad because he's really one of the pioneers in belgium on media/video art. He's very busy and he felt it wouldn't be right to come unprepared, a half hour talk wouldn't suffise to explain his work. The people from IAK/IBK are looking for a worthy replacement.
[2004-10-25] posted by sam

Jake Mandell digitally present

We had some news from Jake and Jeffers Egan. Jake Mandell wil not physically be present. They worked on their set to such extent that its all controllable from one computer. Working with two people on one computer would be rather silly so they decided to cut us some slack on the flight expenses and decided only Jeffers Egan would come. This icon in american digital painting will be controlling all sound and visuals. After all, is this not where we think it is going to? The total synergy of all media?
[2004-10-25] posted by sam

Monday 25/10 Recyclart - OPENING FESTIVAL - doors 20:00 - FREE ENTRANCE

Dorkbot kicks off the new season at the Cimatics festival in Brussels. Opening night, and hey, Who needs red carpet ?

for your entertainment :

- Flight 404 (USA): precious pearls of code, all the way from Massachusetts. Meet Captain Ahab.

- Unlekker (GER) : more is more : algorithmic generation of form, visual hedonism, and colourful organic shapes.

- Tuning People (BE) : funny suit, weird dance, dark sound, hard light : the digital body, only analogue...

- Quix (BE) : repetition, micro-intervals and cut&paste techniques : chaos mathematics and sound

- interaXity (BE): variables anyone ? load up your own animated movies and let the recyclart crowd mess them up in motion

- pong : smack ping & pong back across the screens, just by throwing yourself in front of some webcams... (see what the machines see)

- MsPinky : turntables for data, so what you wanna be when you grow up ?
(see dj morph into vj and back)
[2004-10-24] posted by nico

Saturday 23/10 Mediaruimte

The VGA culture seen from the digital, organic side. Processed codes from UK artist Toxi , residual clicks&cuts by Berlin musician Kangding ray [raster-noton] at Mediaruimte The program will be live streamed on som visual internet radio:
[2004-10-23] posted by nico

Flipstaal - installation by bolwerK (looking glass)

For the one who are already is Brussels today. Don't miss or pass by the interactive installation of bolwerK "FLIPSTAAL" at Looking Glass (rue dansaertstraat 72 - centre of Brussels)
[2004-10-21] posted by nico

Kick off

Cimatics festival kicks off tonight at mediaruimte with live music with Zufunkt (BE) + electric sheep (USA)screenings...and also an interactive installation of bolwerk "Flipstaal" at Looking Glass. See you all there
[2004-10-21] posted by nico

Vidiots workshop03: b---l-i-n-k-i-n-g media

Our friendly neighbours from ghent, Vidiots, asked us to spread the news regarding two days of workshops they organise next weekend at Vooruit. If you want to learn more about the link between physical and digital processes in a visual programming environment (Max/jitter, keyworks and other forms of modular software) you can subscribe through Vidiots info
[2004-10-19] posted by sam

Program timetable: CIMATICS.04 online

Detailed program & artist's biographies will be soon available. In the meanwhile have a look to CIMATICS.O4 program timetable.
[2004-10-10] posted by nico

Full program soon online

If you can't wait for the full program, have a look to , there you will find the program running from October 27th to 30th - audiovisual performances & concerts, panel discussions, screenings, installations,DVD shop, DJ/VJ & Live sets...
[2004-10-02] posted by nico

Tickets already available

Although the program hasn't been finalised yet, you can already buy tickets! You can buy tickets at all fnac outlets, Beursschouwburg, Le Bonheur_Epicerie Audiovisuelle and
[2004-09-27] posted by sam

Opening festival & Installations

Next to the regular programming at the several venue's there's also a few interesting installations and vitrine-art to be found accross the city that start a few days before the festival. At Looking Glass, rue dansaertstraat in brussels, there's "Flipstaal" - Interactive Installation by bolwerKfrom 21/10 onwards. The 25th of octobre, we've got a special Dorkbot night at Recyclart. From that day on you will also be able to check the installation interaXity by Dorkbot/nMn in the Recyclart Vitrine.
[2004-09-27] posted by nico

Carte Blanche: Mediaruimte [01t XYZ]

Also starting on 21/10 is the Carte Blanche program Organic*ram, a screening exhibition+events of computer generated and networked soundimages. The VGA culture seen from the digital, organic side at MediaRuimte
curated by Lab[au] including:electric sheep, a project by US artist Scott Draves, envisioning the collective dreams from the render farm of networked sleeping computers, the minimal techno clusters from Belgian musician _ Zufunkt. The processed codes from UK artist Toxi, residual clicks&cuts by Berlin musician Kangding ray [ raster-noto ] on 23/10 and for the festival closing day on 31/10 a screening brunch matinee with the experiments in structuring visuals and visual structures of German filmmaker Thorsten Fleisch. Full program and info:
[2004-09-27] posted by nico

Short program announcement

We've almost covered all aspects of the program for this years edition, so we'll be announcing the program as soon as we've made sure that there's no more blanks or anomalities. So far we're pleased to say that we've been able to select a wide variety of artists that give a broad view of what's hapenning with these media worldwide. We've got ourselves a little gem, if you don't mind us bragging about it!
Additionally we can already announce some world and european premieres with the presentation of the second Reline compilation (european premiere), the world premiere of the 'Pfadfinderei vs. Modeselector' dvd (Dalbin) and the belgian premiere of the 'Isolated:triple media' book and dvd release from Funkst?rung (!K7, Die Gestalten Verlag). Regarding the live performances there's also some worldpremieres, with brand new performances by Semiconductor, Bolwerk and Graphreak
[2004-09-26] posted by sam

Looking for volunteers

As it goes with all kinds of festivals, we could need a hand from enthousiast and responsible volunteers during the festival. In exchange of free entrance to all happenings at the fesival, we would like to find some people who are willing to take on some jobs during the festival, such as the ticketing, doorchecks, the screenings, personal assistance for artists and generally running around like crazy with gear. Additionally we want to find a filmcrew to make daily reports and interviews with the several artists. For this we're looking for students or likewise who had some experience or interstest in journalism, a cameraman, a sound engineer and later on, someone who wants to assist the editor.
[2004-09-26] posted by sam


Hello there and welcome on this years edition of the cimatics festival, the Brussels International Festival for Live Audio Visual Arts & VJ'ing. We're planning and organising the second edition of this festival as we speak, involving many internationally renownend visual artists and vj crews, several cultural institutions and media partners. The festival will be held at the end of octobre at different venues in brussels. We'll be programming installations, panel discussions, hard'n software presentations, live performances, dj/vj sets and screenings. Keep checking this site or give up your email addy for the newsletter to keep updated on what's to come.
[2004-09-15] posted by sam

Call for entries closed

We had already postponed the deadline a bit but now it's final: No more entries for this years edition. We've received over 80 entries so THANK YOU ALL!! We'll start viewing them these next days and start puzzling on the program. If you haven't sent anything yet don't hesitate to do so, since we probably will be organising more than just the festival and we're already planning next years edition as well, so keep sending your stuff!
[2004-07-15] posted by sam