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main purpose is to support and favour talent, innovation and creativity in the domain of science and technology of arts, specially concentrated on live audio/visual works.
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CIMATICS Festival Edition 2004
Brussels 25.10 - 31.10.04
deadline: 15th JULY 04
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The second edition of CIMATICS festival will be held in Brussels (Belgium) from October 25. - 31. 2004 in coproduction with Beursschouwburg, Recyclart & Mediaruimte.

International Festival and Platform for Live Audio Visual Art & VJ'ing.

The festival aims to promote innovative and outstanding productions in the field of audiovisual performance, vjing and interactive installations, as well as gathering recent artistic and technical developments in order to present it to a general public.

CIMATICS presents productions that explore performance concepts and the interaction between different media formats – especially image and sound – in an innovative manner and view. It encourages the crossover of institutional, academic and sub cultural contexts as well as interdisciplinary work between art forms, media techniques and concepts.

Artists are the powerful drive for the development in multimedia productions and innovative use of the new technology as they push the possibilities of the common sense past the limit, pushing the concept where they collapse in new formations and perspectives.

Edition 2003

The Internationnal VJing Festival 2003 organized by CIMATICS took place in Brussels on the 10, 11, 12, 17, and 19 April , on different locations: Recyclart, La Raffinerie, Cinema Nova, Halles de Schaerbeek ; presenting some of the leading international artists in the field, between experimental and dance ambiance, for the pleasure of the ears and the eyes....

CIMATICS invited a number of vj's & visual artists from Belgium and the rest of the world including : Visual Kitchen (B), D-fuse (UK), Qubo gas (F), Minuszero (NL), Cinétik (CA), Visual.Displacements (AUT), visomat av (GER), Solu (SP) ….. some of whom have already acquired international notoriety or won international awards at festivals and events like Sonŕr festival, the Netmage Diesel Awards festival of Bologna, etc...


VJs work more or less in the same way as musicians work with electronic sound. The techniques and equipment differ but the basic principles are similar (e.g. cross fading, sampling, scratching, cutting, to the rhythm, synthesis, sequencing, modulating, etc...). Some VJs concentrate on the visual element, manipulating and mixing film or video loops to create moving light patterns (aka video sequences) which can now be seen in many clubs, urban raves and underground parties as well as in art galleries and museums.

The definition of a VJ is quite large and free of interpretation. A clear difference though between Vjing and other visual arts such as film is that the VJ mixes images live, thereby generating a flux in real time, whereas film and "video-art" are linear and pre-produced. It is certainly a form of performance, as accidents, improvisation, mood and relation with the public enter in the parameters of the performing visual artists.

Vjing has found itself as a new technique in arts. A New Medium with infinite possibilities to discover, as travers and hazard in which you can stay stuck...

It is clear that with miniaturisation of digital tools, the cut between VJs and DJs or musicians has been overpassed for some already and that some sort of virtual media environments artists is emerging for the wide public.

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